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Patriot Docks... Innovative Features!

.... Quality in Every Detail!

... Outstanding Value!

Patriot Docks are taking the industry by storm. Simple but strong, any property owner would be proud to have a Patriot Dock at their shoreline. Shallow water or deep water, straight dock or "T" shape, standing, floating, or roll-in- Patriot Docks are the ticket. 


Patriot modular aluminum marine docks provide the ultimate in shoreline enjoyment at discount mega-store prices. How can we do it? By modular designs and large volume production. We don't skimp on quality. Our 12-inch deep aluminum truss frames are expertly crafted with welded and bolted connections. We use 7/16" diameter aluminum chord rods, not 3/8" like most of our competitors. Floats are round or rectangular. Pipe is all schedule 40 steel, not lighter weight steel tubing. Our pipe brackets are extra long with two - not one - stainless steel set bolts. Patriot Docks have a limited Lifetime Warranty on aluminum components. Look very closely at the Patriot Dock and you will easily recognize the value.



Poly Dock-Top™ or Cedar
We offer decking options our competitors can only dream about, like super strong and affordable Dock-Top™ poly decking panels and cedar decking. Our Dock-Top™ decking is often less expensive than our competitor's untreated wood decks. That's value!



Take a close look at Patriot Docks. These are not low end ordinary truss docks. Look carefully at the features of these rock solid dock systems and compare. Patriot Docks provide innovative solutions at an affordable price. Our modular and maintenance-free designs will let you spend more time having fun on the beach and on the water! Contact your closest dealer to find out more! Patriot Docks are made by US Dock and Hardware, a leader in developing innovative products.

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