Complete Docks

Patriot Dock Packages are standard dock configurations that work for most residential dock applications. These complete kits have all the parts and hardware you need to build your dock. Note specifications on shoreline and water depth and floating dock anchoring.

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stationary patriot dock

Stationary Docks

Stationary Docks are common for permanent docks, applications that rule out rolling docks, and on bodies of water generally ranging from shallow (0-5ft deep) to deep (5-7ft deep). Stationary docks are also preferred for some rivers, tidal waters, and reservoirs.

rolling patriot dock

Rolling Docks

Rolling Docks are very convenient when the dock is a seasonal structure or when mobility is required. They are complete generally best for lakes with shallow water (0-5ft deep) to deep water (5-8ft deep) with a gradual access point.

floating patriot dock

Floating docks

Floating Docks are best for applications with fluctuating waters like reservoirs, tidal waters, canals, and rivers. Also, floating docks are optimal when water depths are very deep (8ft+ deep) or when the soil type is extremely muddy.