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  • Floating Platform Sections

    Floating Platform Sections (2)

  • Canal Floating Docks

    Canal Floating Docks


    The Patriot Canal Floating Dock is the perfect dock kit for canals with seawalls and tidal water. The floating dock is engineered with a hinged ramp and high float capacity on a dock that runs parallel to the shore for narrow waterways like canals.

  • T-shaped Floating Docks

    Premium Floating Docks


    Premium Floating Dock packages are the ideal floating dock kit. They are engineered for maximum floatation capacity, low profile water entry, with premium decking. Select the ideal shape, length, and decking surface for your shoreline.

  • straight floating dock brown aluminum

    Standard Floating Docks


    Patriot Docks features the original floating dock called the Standard Floating Dock. Features include the sleek low profile aluminum frame with a modular construction, and a strong reinforced engineering.