Patriot Docks ship dock kits and parts right to your door. We will send you the disassembled dock, you put it together. The process of receiving your dock or parts varies depending on the type of order and your location. We have streamlined the process to save you lots of money, allowing you to order a dock anywhere, and avoiding the need for labor costs or installation markups.

Dock Packages and other Freight

After placing an order for a dock package, your order will be processed, palletized, and shipped. Since freight shipments are different from typical box shipments there are some nuances and instructions that will help you be ready for your dock and choose the best shipping address. All dock packages and some other large orders are sent on a shrink-wrapped pallet to either a commercial or residential address. When the dock leaves our facility, a tracking email is sent to the retailer you purchased the dock from. Many carriers have an estimated delivery date for you to plan for when the dock is estimated to arrive in addition to updates in transit. The trucker calls ahead for residential deliveries to give exact details of the delivery and plans can be made according to the conversation with the trucker. Typically deliveries are made on a semi-truck so it is best to choose a residential shipping address where there are no weight restrictions, weight limits, or complications with access. Some residential addresses will require the customer to meet the trucker where the semi-truck can be parked. Access to some residences will be restricted by delivering terminals due to road limitations and address changes and extra services must be arranged prior to shipping. Unless other prior arrangements are made, the customer will need to be present to inspect for damage and unload the contents of the pallet by hand. Any damage observed must be noted on the paperwork and if the shipment is mostly damaged, the shipment should be rejected. The oversized pallets do not fit on the truck’s lift gate, so the easiest method for unloading is to cut the shrink wrap, and unload the contents in pieces. This is typically a 5-15 minute process, with about 10-25 parts, and the heaviest part is 45 pounds. Shipments can also be picked up at the delivery terminal if the customer wishes to do so. Receiving shipments requires general safety precautions like using safety gloves and a safety utility knife.

Smaller Orders and other Parcel

Orders for smaller parts and accessories will be shipped via Fedex or a similar ground carrier. Many orders for parts and accessories do not require a pallet or freight shipment. Rather, many orders will be shipped in a box or multiple boxes. Most customers are more familiar with Fedex parcel shipments. After the order is processed and shipped, you will receive tracking for updates and estimated delivery time from the retailer. Delivery is made without a signature or consignee needing to be present. Infrequently there are delays in transit time or boxes will arrive at different times, but the shipper’s customer service team will provide any information required beyond what the tracking will show. The shipping address you use to place your order will not require a person to be present to sign for the box(es).

Pick up

Shipping arrangements are made through retailers, but in some situations, customers can save on shipping and pick up at our warehouse in Harris, MN. Refer to the policies of the retailer or reach out to one of our dock professionals to see if your order qualifies or reach out to one of our dock professionals to inquire about this option. Pickups are scheduled on a case by case basis according to our limited pickup appointment schedule. 

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for docks depends on the availability of the order, the time of year, and the shipping address on your order. In stock items usually ship between 1-10 business days of handling time and 1-10 days of transit time. Spring is the busy season for shipping docks. While we aim to ship out orders as quickly as possible, orders in the spring generally take longer than orders in the fall or winter. Transit times are affected by location, so the farther and more remote your shipping address, the longer the transit time can be. Smaller orders are shipped via typical Fedex Ground service with generally a 1-5 business day handling time and 1-5 day transit time. Orders placed in the busy season or out of stock items can take longer, and wait times vary. Since we love to work with people on a case by case basis, feel free to reach out to see if we can meet your unique time constraints. 

FAQ’s for Shipping

After the order has been received, the product is palletized on a 4 ft. x 8 ft. pallet and shipped via an LTL freight service. When the shipment arrives at the destination terminal, the freight carrier will contact the customer directly to coordinate the delivery. The freight service will require that someone be at the delivery point to inspect and sign for the shipment. If shipped to a business with a forklift or loading dock, the pallet will be removed using said facilities. If shipped to a residence, the driver will be able to move the pallet to the back of the trailer. The shrink wrap and banding will then be cut and the contents will be unloaded by hand, no piece weighs more than 50 lbs. Usually the customer is responsible for unloading the parts from the pallet by hand. Liftgate services are to be strictly denied because the pallet is not compatible with a truck’s liftgate.

Generally, the order lead time during peak season (Spring) is about 1-10 business days of handling for docks that are in stock. Smaller in-stock orders generally take 1-5 business days to ship and 1-5 days to receive. Backordered items vary in lead time. When the shipment is ready, it is then picked up by an LTL freight service from Patriot Dock’s shipping location in Minnesota. Transit times can range widely depending on the destination location and the terminal trucking schedule. Generally, transit time will range from 10-14 business days to reach the east or west coast. Transit time within the midwest is typically 2-5 business days. Please send us a message with further questions regarding transit and lead times!

Unfortunately damages can occur with any shipping carrier. If your freight arrives damaged, note the damages immediately on the freight bill. DO NOT sign without noting the damage because signing the bill indicates no damage was present, which compromises your ability to be fully refunded. Once the damage was noted, submit an inquiry or email with images detailing the damage. An image is required for every part that was damaged. Patriot Docks works with customers as quickly as possible to issue replacement parts for approved customers at no extra cost. 

If you would like to bypass the shipping charges, you can either discuss with your retailer or contact one of our dock professionals to arrange a potential pickup arrangement. Pickups are only available on a limited and case by case basis. 

No. Though a forklift or tractor can make unloading your freight faster, it is not required to have a forklift. Patriot Docks can ship to commercial addresses and most residential addresses. In the event that no forklift is available, the customer can simply break the shrink wrap and offload parts from the pallet by hand. This has been a very successful method for receiving even large dock orders.

Yes, to receive your freight, you need to be present to unload, inspect for damage, and sign the bill. The trucker will coordinate with you prior to the delivery. Typically the terminal calls you to arrange a date and time range for the delivery so you can be prepared. This phone call occurs after the freight reaches the destination terminal, which usually shows up in the tracking information.

If your order was missing an item, please contact us directly so we can confirm the part was missing and replace the missing part. Please thoroughly look through your entire order prior to reaching out as parts can be packaged together, in pairs, or under other parts.

Patriot Docks will process orders as soon as possible and we make every effort to honor orders quickly and in the order of receipt. If you have not received tracking for an in-stock dock order after 3 weeks or a smaller order after 2 weeks, please contact us to inquire about the status. 

Delays in the transit time for all orders is entirely dependent on the shipping carrier. Tracking will reveal any delays, updates, and location details. Specific questions about delays can be referred to the shipping carrier customer service line. Once shipments leave our facility, we depend on the customer service of the freight carrier to assist with delays and Patriot Docks handles highly abnormal situations on a case by case basis, but tracking usually explains the reason for transit delays.  

Generally expedited shipping is not offered or desired based on the type of freight and/or the exorbitant expense for such services. 

The timing of backordered shipments can vary. If an item is noted as backordered, or if you have been notified that an order has been backordered, Patriot Docks generally ship orders as soon as they are made available again. It is not often that exact timing for delivery can be predicted with accuracy, but feel free to reach out to one of our dock professionals to inquire about an estimated wait time prior to ordering if you notice an item is not in stock. 

It is not recommended to ship your dock to an address with any restrictions, obstructions, weight limits, or ultra remote locations. Most terminals only have 16-wheeler semi trucks available to deliver, and forced reconsignment fees may occur in order to change addresses after the shipment has departed. It is safest to choose a shipping address that is accessible by semi truck and that is convenient for waiting. The trucker will contact you prior to delivery, but often a delivery time range is provided. Once delivery is received at a convenient and accessible residential address, the dock kit will arrive disassembled so parts can be relatively easy to transport to a final destination.

There are some instances when freight carriers offer services that will be billed to your account, but extra charges to you will not apply if you deny extra services including liftgate services, changing the shipping address, white glove unloading services, and long term storage services. When discussing unique situations, avoid fees by asking if services include extra charges, and denying them.

Contact us to help resolve this problem, whether there was a part damaged or lost in shipment, or whether we made an error. We will do all we can to get replacement parts to get your dock in the water ASAP. Remember not to sign for docks that have missing or damaged parts, as your signature verifies you have received the shipment undamaged and in its entirety. Note damages on the billing paperwork before signing. We will need to know what parts were missing or damaged, and include any pictures of the damaged part (each part). Please send us your name, invoice/order number, and the part that was missing or damaged after thoroughly checking every nook and cranny of your shipment. Items are backed inside others often for efficient shipping. We will confirm your missing items and follow up with a plan of action to get your dock in the water as quickly as possible.