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  • Boat Dock Float

    Dock Float


    Add Floats to your dock to convert it to a Floating Dock, or build your own floating dock with this Patriot Dock Float.

  • floating dock hinge

    Dock Hinge


    Add a Floating Dock Hinge to your floating dock to allow for dock articulation. Dock Hinges can allow sections of dock to join together and allow movement.

  • Dock Float Hardware

    J-Hook Float Hardware


    The J-Hook Mounting Set is used to attach Dock Floats to the Patriot Docks Low Profile Dock frame

  • Piling Sleeve

    Piling Sleeve


    Add sleeves to your floating dock in order to anchor your dock with pilings. Patriot’s Piling Sleeve is a versatile anchoring sleeve.

  • Side Ballast Float

    Side Stability Float


    The Side Ballast Float increases buoyancy and stability of your floating dock and protects both the dock and boat from each other.