Poly 4×4 Dock Panels

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Poly 4×4 Panels by Patriot are dock panels that allow air and water to pass through. They are designed to stay cool and to be reinforced unlike any other plastic decking product on the market.

The Poly Panels by Patriot Decking are built from polypropylene and reinforced with aluminum slats, making sure that they’re built to last. Most plastic decking either does not contain reinforcment slats or contains wood fibers which make the material heavy. Poly 4×4 Panels are engineered to allow wind and water to pass through, making it the perfectly cool decking for docks. While these panels are designed for Patriot-brand docks, they can also fit into just about any 4ft frame with a 16-24″ span. Each poly board is secured into a full 4’x4′ panel using two aluminum stringers. Simply line up all of the boards and secure the stringers, then drop it into the frame.

  • Outside Measurements: 47-5/8″ W x 47-3/8″ L x 1″ D
  • Stringer Distance from Outside: 12″
  • Board Width: 12″
  • Gap: 1/2″
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Finish Details: Molded Polypropylene Thru Hole Surface with Studs and Aluminum Reinforcement Slats
  • Stringer Attachment: Screwed
  • Required Support Span: 24″

  • (4) 1×4 Poly Boards
  • (2) Stringers
  • (16) Stainless screws

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