Rolling Dock


Rolling Docks are the easiest way to install a dock. The aluminum frame and drop in decking make moving your rolling dock ultra simple. Modular frames allow shape and length options and the possibility of adding or changing your dock as your shoreline needs change.

Roll-In docks have become the industry standard. These dock systems can be easily moved in and out of the water with the changing seasons or water levels. Basic dock packages include one pair of wheels on the lake end of the dock. Additional wheels can be added throughout the dock to alleviate lifting or to help distribute the weight of longer docks. Patriot Docks’ modular dock frames utilize custom aluminum profiles and professional engineering, to create a very strong yet lightweight dock design that is simple and easy to assemble. The 4’x8′ frames bolt together which allows for exceptional versatility and customization. Full 12″ high truss work allows for more land on the support pipe creating very rigid structure. Additional sections can be added to create any style or configuration, including “T” and “U” shapes as well as fingers and slips. Don’t break your back any longer – roll in your dock!


  • Weight per frame: 45 pounds
  • Frame Height: 12 inches
  • Frame Weight Capacity: 45 PSF when constructed as specified
  • Frame Material: Aluminum (Marine Grade 6061-T6)
  • Frame Style: Truss
  • Frame Build: Bolts Together
  • Support Span: Every 16 feet


  • Bracket Material: Steel
  • Bracket Adjustment Style: Loosen 1/2 inch Dual Set Bolts and Manually Lift or Lower Frame then Tighten Bolts
  • Bracket Pipe Accommodates 1-1/2″ Sch40 Pipe
  • Pipe Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Pipe Size: 1-1/2″ ID Sch40 Pipe
  • Pipe Weight Capacity: 1000 pounds


  • Decking Panel Measurements: 48x48x1 inches
  • Cedar Panel Weight: 37 pounds
  • Cedar Details: Unfinished Premium Western Red Cedar 48x6x1 inch Boards with Stringers
  • Poly Panel Weight: 30 pounds
  • Poly Details: Four 48x12x1 inch Polypropylene Panels with Aluminum Reinforcements and Stringers
  • Aluminum Panel Weight: 25 pounds
  • Aluminum Details: Premium 48x6x1 inch Extruded Aluminum Boards with Bolted Stringers, Powder Coating, and Wood Grain Finish


  • Wheel Material: High Density Polypropylene
  • Wheel Diameter: 24 inches


  • Hardware material: Grade 8 Zinc-plated
  • Hardware size: 3/8″ or 1/2″

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